Upperseption - Neo Gourage

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Harald Skorepa – piano, organ, synth, flute, guitar
Uwe Bekemeier – guitar
Benno Löser – bass (1)
Michael Heine – drums (1)
Klaus Kluge – guitar (2,3,4,8)
Günter Lietz – bass (2,3,4,8)
Wolfgang Brock – drums (2,3,4,8)

“Upperseption – the name being a partly nonsensical coinage – were founded in Altenhundem, situated in the Sauerland in North Rhine-Westpalia, in 1970. They played progressive rock music, influenced by The Nice.
The band didn’t release anything back then. Only a few tapes survived, the initial ones recorded in their domestic garage and with a modest sound quality, and later ones from the studio. The Upperseption-LP, “Cornicula”, with recordings from 1970 and a sound which needs getting used to, was released in 2013. The CD “Neo Gourage” contains some more as yet unreleased tracks. The first one, “Rondo (69)”, is a musical revelation, but not for sound purists. The other pieces are recordings of an excellent sound quality from various recording studios; the last – also excellent – recording is from a live performance. The 32-page booklet contains all important details on the subject. An LP edition is not scheduled.”
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