Upsilon Acrux - Last Train Out

Physical copies of the hard to find third release by this bafflingly brilliant outfit.

"Sometimes albums are the collective energy of the people involved and how they interact with their surroundings. This would be that. On our third album, we were down to the original 3 members and it was back to basics.
By this time we had figured out that the only way we could excel as a 3 piece of 2 guitars & drums was to play tightly knit short songs that had little room to breath for all involved. I personally remember this as a negative period with a lot of negative energy; we turned our backs to the audience and purposefully engaged no one at all.
This album is definitely mostly very negative but has a really raw, insular energy thats unlike the rest of the albums, as its literally what we wrote with our backs against the wall (and turned away and against any audience).
Most of the album is just the raw 3 piece with no overdubs but then that trio ended and there are 2 newer songs w/ Eric Kiersnowski (Godzik Pink, Feather Wolf) which are lighter in tone and 2 with Bobb Bruno (Best Coast, For Carnation) playing bass. and also 2 compositions left over from the period of our first record that we didn't use before to counter-balance the brutality and bareness of the trio songs." – Paul Lai August, 2019
  • LabelDaft Alliance
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