Upsilon Acrux - Live

Professionally filmed on October 29, 2009 by multi-track audio at the group's home base in L.A. the the wonderfully named club, "The Smell". This features the amazing Radian Futura 5 piece of dual guitarists Paul Lai and David Moggenberg, bassist Marty Sataman, Phil Cobb on Moog and drummer Chris Meszler. The sound is as as good as a recording in such a small place can be and this is as close to being there as you can be without being there! The music is performed shockingly masterfully; how do they do it? Is this shit humanly possible? I guess it is, because they do do it. The program is about 70' long and includes most of Radian Futura (yes, including the amazing, 30' "Transparent Seas"), a track off of Galapagos Momentum, a new song, and their crazy reworkings of Bicycle Race by Queen and La Caccia by Goblin. Highly recommended!
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