Upsilon Acrux - Sun Square Dialect

This is the 7th studio album by the always amazing Upsilon Acrux. This time they are a quintet of dual guitars, dual drums and Fender Rhodes piano.

This is a band with an amazing track record of jaw-dropping albums and this one is one of their very best. Personally hugely recommended to anyone who is interested in what modern, original (original as all hell!), avant garde, composed, progressive music is. You need this.

"Upsilon Acrux makes experimental rock that never feels cold, because they manage to present all of their technical chops with the same passion as some kids just learning bar chords. They're like that one math teacher you had in middle school who made solving for X tantamount to life and death and had feelings towards pi that would make the class feel a bit uncomfortable. With that kind of fervor, it wasn't hard for you to embrace numbers. And it's not hard for us to embrace Upsilon Acrux's heady, progressive noodling. Their new album, is full of songs that have the spirit of hardcore and post-rock with the complexity of classical compositions."-Vice

"Longtime fixtures of the Los Angeles experimental music community, their approach to instrumental rock music is unique, stellar, and sweeping. These sounds are burning, stoked by angularity, mania, and profound mastery of the balance between beauty, tension and release. Like a blossoming, expansive cult, Upsilon Acrux have had roughly twenty different members work and play in eleven different iterations of the ensemble, of which seven have made records. The band maximizes the impact of its present configuration by dividing and deconstructing its lines, passing rhythms and melodic fragments through its rank. Even at their most brutal and challenging, the music is elegant, with each member working in tandem to realize and articulate bafflingly complex gestures with fluidity."

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