Upsilon Acrux/Honey Ride Me a Goat - Upsilon Acrux/Honey Ride Me A Goat white lp vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Limited to only 500 copies. This is the only way to get the music by Upsilon Acrux here and despite their jokey name, HRMAG are a interesting and excellent psych/progressive outfit, who collaborated with Hugh Hopper on a great, (so far) unreleased session

"More punked Euclid from these veterans. Guitars (and in UA�s case, delicious Jan Hammer-ish Moog) trace complex counterpoint, while drums jerk surgically through time signatures, the ghosts of Bartok and Prokofiev calling the harmonic and rhythmic shots. Sure it�s geeky. But good math, served with plenty of energy, is interesting at least for it�s abstract formalism - it�s the shape and structure that make you feel good, not some pre-established emotion-code. And both these groups show they are perfectly capable of cutting loose from composition. HRMAG pepper their side with tight, mini-improv workouts, while UA devote half their side to a noisy free jazz diatribe close in spirit to the maelstrom of Carlos Giffoni�s Death Unit."-The Wire
  • LabelKitchen Dweller
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