Urban Sax - Live In Pori 1984

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"One of the Keski-Pori parish priests entered the pulpit and managed to turn on the microphone: "You cowards! Every Sunday the pews are empty, but NOW you are here!"...The Urban Sax muummies stood untouched. The whooping and stomping coninued."-from the newspaper account of the performance.

Finally for the first time in something like two decades, there is a reasonably priced release by this quintessential French avant / art / performance band and spectacle. Recorded in a church on July 12, 1984 during one of their amazing performances, this has a great overview of their 70s and 80s work.

That's the good news. The bad news is that while this is an official release, but it is not a pro job. The recording is decent and you can hear everything, but it's still very reverberant (church acoustics) and 'bootleggy'. Still, if you don't have anything by them or you must have EVERYTHING by them, it's a reasonable purchase.
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Great Band! Thanks Wayside for always being truthful to your customers by describing important details such as how a cd or an album really sounds.
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