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Finally reissued for the first time in over 2 decades (and for the very first time on vinyl), is the classic, fantastic first release by this quintessential French avant / art / performance band and spectacle. One of France's greatest contributions to avant-progressive music during the 70s-80s! And the sleeve is magnificent. Hugely recommended!

"Urban Sax's debut LP was issued in 1977 on Cézanne / Cobra. It is the soundtrack of Urban Sax first architectural sound shows, but also a splendid work on its own, with a similar sense of musical experimentation and adventure to that of La Monte Young, Phil Niblock, Glenn Branca, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, a.o.
Urban Sax's music is constructed over the concept of "'continuous sound'", around which build and develop poly-rhythmic loops, modulated and nested in a partition and a principle of "distant sound" allowing to question the listening audience. It is about linking audio and visual performances. The music is semi repetitive, with evolving pieces of different colors. Entire saxophone family is represented: sopranos, altos, tenors and bass baritones..." -Wikipedia.

“16 saxophone players gathered to record the 1st Urban Sax LP, after several years of touring festivals and outdoor venues. This reissue features a booklet with photos and liner notes written by Gilbert Artman himself.”
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