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"Ut Gret releases a new CD titled "Radical Symmetry". It is the culmination of the work of a line-up that has played together for a decade.
“Radical Symmetry” was recorded by engineer Phil Stirgwolt in three days of sessions at TNT studios and, despite the obvious complexities of the compositions, the majority of the music is first takes. This is the advantage of having a well rehearsed, long running line up who know the material inside and out. The music on “Radical Symmetry” is equal parts jazz, rock and classical music filtered through myriad world music influences. Progressive music fans can hear the traces of Canterbury bands (Soft Machine and Gong) classic progressive rock (Happy the Man and King Crimson), Zeuhl (Present, Univers Zero) and ‘Rock in Opposition’ bands like Henry Cow.
Jazz influences from Sun Ra, Miles, Monk and Mingus can be heard in both the great horn arrangements and solos. Tricky rhythms, complex harmonic structures and Zappa-like melodies abound.
Though challenging, this work is also fun and playful, with klezmer, Arabic, East European and Indian music interwoven throughout. Most pieces feature the juxtaposition of contrasting musical bedfellows like an Arabic dumbec within the Indian music of "For Viswa", a klezmer part followed by an Arabic section in the otherwise King Crimson-like "Rule 110" or the sudden appearance of a latin section in the otherwise somber “Infinite Regress”.
This is music composed with the strengths of the individual players in mind. The line up consists of Joee Conroy who, with David Stilley and James Potter, founded the group in Santa Cruz, CA in 1981. He plays multiple string instruments including fretless bass, electric & acoustic guitars, electric sitar and bouzouki. Gary Pahler is on drums and a vast number of percussion instruments. The “woodwind section” features Steve Good on Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax and bassoon along with Gregory Acker on all manner of flutes plus didgeridoo and soprano saxophone. Completing this long-lived line-up is Stephen Roberts on acoustic & electric pianos, mellotron and trumpet. Vocalist Dane Waters joins the band on three cuts singing jazz on "Souvenir City", opera on "Sword of Damocles" and avant garde on the epic "Infinite Regress". Cellist James Vaughn adds classical voicings and beautiful solos and Denny Whalen contributes timeless electronic sounds to many of the cuts."
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