Uz Jsme Doma - Spring, Hell, Autumn, Winter DVD

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This DVD is more for the hard-core fan than the UJD 'newbie', but then again, it's completely unavailable outside of Eastern Europe except from us. This is nearly 3 and a half hours of material. "Spring, Hell, Autumn Winter" is a Czech TV film about the work of Martin VelĂ­sek, the band's designer who is responsible for UJD's distinctive look. There's a documentary about the group: "Teplice on a plate," and video archival footage (rough but watchable) from 4 blocks of concerts from the years 1987 (Rockfest), 1992 (San Francisco), 1994 (Petynka), 1997 (Netherlands). Totally cool for fans, but newbies should start with Hollywood or Cod Liver Oil or Caves.

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I disagree with Wayside's review that this is for hardcore fans only. There is a huge load of 90's live concert footage in the bonus/Extra sections of this DVD. The main film/movie is quirky and early Gong like but back to the Bonus/Extras : The backstage camera views of the band sweating down their ass cheeks, and the energy it took to make each concert happen... WOW! Hell, I got exhausted just watching it. NO BAND works harder then THIS band. Everyone sweats their ass off to make each show happen. It's amazing to see not only the vintage concerts, but also to get some past info from band and a practice session here, you see how tough the musical integrity of the band demands each member to reach and how the members MUST be GREAT, not just good, to be in this band. LONG LiVE UZ JSME DOMA! and BUY THIS because it has loads of GREAT concert footage you'll never see otherise. Revie by Lee Henderson 9/4/2011
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