VIII Strada - Babylon

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VIII Strada are an Italian quintet whose first album from 2008 fell somewhere between progressive rock and progressive metal.

But since that time, they replaced their keyboardist, retooled their over-all sound and are much more aligned with progressive rock, while still having a modern, heavy sound.
The band is:
Tito Vizzuso - vocals
Daniele Zigliani - guitars
Silvano Negrinelli - keyboards
Sergio Merlino - bass
Riccardo Preda - drums

"In December 2008 "La Leggenda della Grande Porta" signaled a remarkable debut on the international progressive-rock world, revealing themselves as one of the most interesting and original newcomers. A long tour often together with the great Patrizio Fariselli (Area) followed. Now they return with a new album, "Babylon", a concept where all the songs, despite having their own autonomy, are inter-connected. Even the instrumental songs, as overture, preludes and fugue, have their own meaning through the story itself. This is an album full of different “paths” of shifting colors, with constant changes of cadence and mood, in an ideal travel among struggling melodies, startling rhythmic bridges and a reckless sound.

A modern and compact sound performed with an amazing skill, narrated in Italian by the powerful voice of Tito Vizzuso. 2015 gives us back a mature band ready to impose itself forcefully on the international progressive-rock scene."
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