Van der Graaf - The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome (expanded / remastered)

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Shortly after releasing World Record and doing a big tour, including their only show in the USA, Hugh Banton couldn't take any more of the life on the poverty road, and resigned. Thus begins mk. III of the band, whereby they drop "Generator" from their name, add violinist Graham Smith and bassist Nic Potter and rehearse a bunch of new stuff. Then, right before the band goes on tour, David Jackson also leaves, leaving just Peter, Nic, Graham and Guy. They go out, play a bunch of wild, high energy shows and come back and record this album in early summer 1977. For my money, this is the overlooked classic in the VDGG catalog and is probably my third favorite of their works (if we are not counting Peter's solo records, which I guess we shouldn't, even though some of them do feature all of the VDGG folks). Aggressive and punchy, but with some really great songs from Peter - his best batch in a few years, I think and the new lineup sounds energized. 3 bonus tracks including a never heard demo and the b-side of their single. Lots of rare photos, liner notes and project supervision by Mark Powell, and package design by Phil Smee. Recommended!
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