Vanay, Laurence - Galaxies CD (expanded / remastered / mini-lp sleeve)

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Beautiful, deluxe CD edition of this mega French rarity from 1974. I've long heard of this, but never actually heard it until now. Mastered from the original stereo tapes, this is a lmited edition of 500 copies and includes a booklet with rare photos and the Jacqueline's story, as well as many bonus tracks. It's pretty great; read on!

"Laurence Vanay is the pseudonym for Jacqueline Thibault, wife of producer and musician Laurent Thibault (Magma). Her debut album "Galaxies" (1974) is pure genius: almost all instrumental (editor's note: There are a lot of vocals - good vocals!), with gorgeous keyboards of many types, acoustic/electric guitar, even a little Zeuhl bass. There are wordless vocals on many of the tracks, although she occasionally sings in a soft, seductive manner. Incredible, spacey “avant-garde progressive chanson,” a Holy Grail for most collectors of 70's underground French music. Rivaled only by the early work of Brigitte Fontaine for pure inventiveness. An album of inconspicuous, sincere beauty and a masterwork of the French progressive music scene. Sublime compositions: unique, melancholic and very powerful."

"Since childhood, I improvised and composed songs and instrumental music... it seemed to me that music was the true language of emotions. It was with great difficulty that I managed to record the albums “Galaxies” and “Evening Colours” in very limited time with the means at hand, and with the help of faithful musician friends." —Jacqueline Thibault.
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