VanderTop - Paris 76

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In late 1976, for some reason, Magma became co-led (for the 1st and only time) by Christian Vander and Jannick Top. They toured France for two months as "VanderTop", but Magma by any other name is still Magma, especially when it includes Jannick Top, Christian Vander, Didier Lockwood, Klaus Blasquisz, Michel Grallier & Gabriel Federow!

This is from their performance on November 2, 1976 in Paris. They perform Hhai, La Musique Des Spheres, De Futura and Troller Tranz. This is a full hour of amazing music in excellent bootleg sound quality; much better than you would guess for something that lay unreleased for 25 years! This has been available on and off - if you don't have this and you are a fan of heavy Magma, then you gotta have it.
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