Vanessa - Black and White CD

Thorsten Dulsrud : drums
Frode Holm : piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Harald Salater : bass
Sven Undseth : saxes, flute, alto clarinet, guitar

A lost minor classic of the mid 70s jazz/rock era, originally released on Compendium (Hopper Tunity Box! Henry Cow Concerts!) and now reissued (FINALLY) on CD legitimately for the very first time. This one is fondly remembered by a lot of folks. Comparisons to Soft Machine circa “Six” would not be out of place.

“The more known of the two albums, "Black and White", is a better than average instrumental jazz fusion album, with some tight rhythms and occasional funky lines. Primary leads come from the sax, but plenty of good guitar and keyboard leads as well. Comparisons to the French group Spheroe wouldn't be out of place. This album received pretty good distribution in the US, and it wasn't too difficult to find in the used bins in the 1980s. Because of this, I'm surprised it still hasn't been reissued to date.”-rym
  • LabelNorske Album Klassikere
  • UPC7059135212645
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