Various Artists - Unsettled Scores 2 x CDs

25 Cuneiform artists cover the compositions of other Cuneiform bands! Essential for the Cuneiform fan & an excellent overview of what we do for the novice. ALL TRACKS UNRELEASED ELSEWHERE. Over two hours of music by: Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic, David Borden, George Cartwright, Djam Karet, Doctor Zero (Nerve + U.Z.), Forrest Fang, Forever Einstein, Peter Frohmader, Happy Family, Hugh Hopper, Henry Kaiser, Piero Milesi, Phil Miller, Miriodor, Virgil Moorefield, The Muffins, PFS, Philharmonie, Richard Pinhas, Present, Rattlemouth, U Totem, Volapk, C.W. Vrtacek and Kit Watkins/Coco Rousell!!! ...Unsettled Scores was a total smash; I wanted to buy it for some time, but I didnt imagine it was so unbelievably good. - a customer.
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What a gem! various cuneiform bands play pieces by other Cuneiform bands. Hear Happy Family play a piece by Daniel Denis, Djam Karet play a piece by Richard Pinhas and Philharmonie play a piece by Miriodor and much more.. Wholeheartedly Recommend. Yossi
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