Various Artists - A Gathering Of The Tribes Volumes 1-5 : 5 x CD box set (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"For some reason these great GotTs psych comps are not well known or reviewed. they may be the best ever in the realm of Pebbles, Boulders, Rubble etc., as these focus on the harder and more tripped out edge of the realm. The music on here is well worth the selling price."

"Collecting 68 of the rarest and trippiest tracks to emerge from North America during rock's golden age (on both 45 and LP), these essential compilations are presented together here for the first time, together with a previously-unissued fifth volume. Originally available in tiny vinyl-only runs in the 1980s, they're essential for all fans of the further reaches of U.S. psych and garage, and make their long-overdue CD debut here, together with a detailed booklet, incorporating rare photos and background notes.

Artists include: Josefus, The Unrelated Segments, Larry & The Blue Notes, The Deep, The Chants, The Plague, The Bards, Indian Puddin' & Pipe, Music Emporium, Macabre, The Headstones, The Mystic Tide, The Humane Society, The Grains Of Sand, The Trolls, The Malibus, The Buck Rogers Movement, The Crystal Chandelier, The Missing Lynx, Jefferson Lee, D.R. Hooker, The London Fog, Canterbury Fair, Charolette Wood, The Escapades, The Bad Seeds, The Lyrics, It's All Meat, Talula Babies, Fraction, Mary Butterworth, Jeff Liberman, The Savages, Mystic Siva, Circus 2000, West Coast Natural Gas, John Wonderling, The David, Onion, Hartford Baby Grande, Neighb'rhood Childr'n, Perth County Conspiracy, Kak, The New Dawn, and Peter Tessier."
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This is a nice package of very hard to get a hold of stuff. Book is informative and printed in a legible font for those who were around when these were new songs. Fidelity is good as well. Buyers should know, however, that all but one of the CDs are mis-marked. Nothing is missing, it's just not in the order listed, and that is actually better in the case of CD 1. CD Vol. 1 belongs in the yellow jaguar sleeve. The CD is correctly labeled CD 1. The songs are nearly in the order listed on the sleeve starting with The Deep-Colour Dreams, except that Headstones are 8th and Josephus is 9th. The back of the box is correct if you start with The Deep, and go back to the top when you get to the Headstones. All other CDs have the songs in the order listed on the back of the box. CD Vol. 2 belongs in the white "Son of ..." sleeve. CD 2 is mis-marked "3" CD Vol. 3 belongs in the blue and yellow sleeve. CD 3 is mis-marked "4" CD Vol. 4 belongs in the white and blue "Pow Wow" sleeve. CD 4 is mis-marked "2" CD Vo. 5 is correctly sleeved and marked. Yeah!
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