Various Artists - Beautiful Freaks - Waving Our Flag High: When Music Was The Counterculture 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Music from the Original Counter Culture is from the team that put together the acclaimed Running the Voodoo Down sets comes a carefully assembled celebration of the counter culture - from ALLEN GINSBERG and THE GRATEFUL DEAD to BRIGITTE FONTAINE, HAWKWIND, THE FUGS, GONG and WITTHÜSTER & WESTRUPP.
A compilation for the heads, not a playlist. Not as much as it's a journey into an alternative sound, it's a journey into a different world... The world of the Heads, the Freaks and Humbeads' Map, a map created in a Berkeley coffee house and reworking the world to connect up the "Turned On" universe - a 5 boroughs type world dominated by a huge San Francisco & Berkeley and embracing New York, Cambridge, and LA and by implicit extension "hip" outposts in London, Paris, Berlin, Sydney and Sao Paulo.
Ten years after it had started the counterculture seemed almost done - washed away in a tide of punk rock nihilism, and economic hardship. These artists represent something else, and something else important. Ideas of self-made, of freedom and of protest through provocation live across these grooves. It's time to give them a place in the pantheon and respect what they tried to achieve, because they did achieve change. The world we live in today is different and the Rainbow coalition is a valid and vibrant political force - it is the wave that gave us Obama and hope. And maybe the one that will bring further change in the future. "Sticking it to the man" was a state of mind and an ideal. Maybe we can give it a small voice again.”
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