Various Artists - Cornflake Zoo: Episode Eight (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“From the minds behind Piccadilly Sunshine, Mixed Up Minds, Upside Down, and BeatFreak!, Particles regretfully announces another dose of minor irritation from the brain of Dustin E.
Episode Eight presents a disturbing collection of stereophonic hallucinations replete with archival imagery, a loving touch of restoration and a simple narrative. Twenty tracks, all recorded between 1966-1969.
Includes a 20-page full-color booklet, comprehensive liner notes and rare pictorial beauty. Features: The German Bonds, The Dukes, Les Baroques, The Troublemakers, Ola And The Janglers, T-Boones, The Deejays, The Teenmakers, Topmost, The Rippers, The Burtons, Countdown, Randy And The Rest, The Coins, The Ashtrays, The Frogs Ltd., The Ghostmen, The Savages, and The Lollipops.”
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