Various Artists - Cornufolkia : A Hidden History Of Psychedelic-Folk From The British & Emerald Isles 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A pretty great and fun release of really obscure folk/psych tracks, including things that were never actually released at the time! Includes a paragraph of as much information on each artist as is known.

“Audio Archives label offers a special double CD containing 43 ultra rare underground psychedelic-folk gems and medieval sounds from the British & Emerald Isles.
The tracks here are taken from ultra rare sound sources from folk bands recorded in recorded in England / Scotland / Wales / Ireland during the 1960s and 1970s. Rare tracks, such as acid folk, psychedelic folk, and trad folk are here and it includes works never before on CD, and from sound sources released only at the time. Comes with large poster sleeve crammed full of rare memorabilia and artifacts together with detailed info on each artist.
This is one of the best ever folk offerings celebrating the rich history of alternative psych-folk rarely heard. With a dense selection unique to this label, which has a very good reputation for the release of Folk in the early 70's, such as unrecorded phantom sound source, album non-recorded sound source, sound source that can only be heard on the editing board at the time, etc. A total of 43 songs that are only too happy for fans to now hear the secret treasures of Acid Folk. (note track 21 CD1 The Bull Minstrels are incorrectly named as Horncastle Fayre).
This comp offers great dreamy, adventurous, creative, playful mystical Folk music that may have been lost if not for this collection.”
  • LabelAudio Archives
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