Various Artists - Cuba Classics 3: Diablo al Infierno (special)

Great, wide-ranging collection of music from Cuba. This casts a huge net across what we think of as Cuban or Latin music, some of it being what you would expect and much of it being hugely suprising.

"Part of Luaka Bop's Cuba Classics series, Vol. 3, Diablo al Infierno! is a compilation showcasing the diversity of Cuban music, both old and new. As a prime example, the title track itself is from a Cuban speed metal outfit, Zeus. Also included are classic acts like the supergroup Irakere performing their first real hit, and dancehall greats Los Van Van, performing their first great comeback hit. Other highlights of the album include some real obscurities among Cuban music. Far removed from Havana are Los Blues, a light reggae group from Santiago. Also comes Grupo Vocal Sampling, a collection of college-age kids performing fully a cappella. Light singer/songwriter stylings come from Carlos Varela in a recording of his song "William Tell" direct from the Karl Marx Theater. The spread of styles here is amazing. The recording can be somewhat lacking at points, sometimes due to the age of the tracks, and sometimes due to low quality equipment in general. Despite the sound quality, though, the musical quality is definitely worth getting hold of the album. If nothing else, just check out Zeus and see how much Metallica influence you can note in one listening session."Adam Greenberg/All Music Guide
  • LabelLuaka Bop
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