Various Artists - Glastonbury Fayre 1971 Blu-ray

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“First ever Blu-ray release of this cult music film / rockumentary that established Glastonbury as the UK's main festival.
Shot by acclaimed director, Nic Roeg, Glastonbury Fayre is an enthralling music film of the first Glastonbury festival to have the pyramid stage. Free to all and with a line-up that included Melanie, Terry Reid, Family, Fairport Convention, Traffic, Linda Lewis, Arthur Brown, the true spirit of Glastonbury is there for all to see in this unique film record. Thousands of flower-power children smoke pot, dance naked, roll around in the mud and dance for peace in our time.
The film includes performances from:
Arthur Brown
Fairport Convention
Kingdom Come
Linda Lewis
Magic Michael
Terry Reid
Trumpton and the Riots
Tonto's Expanding Head Band
Bostik Swastika”
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Really funny movie, with LOTS of nude hippies doing crazy things. Plus all the listed bands except for GONG (unless you count 30 seconds without visuals?),Tonto's Expanding Headband(which would have pushed this to a 5 star rating for me), and also whatever Trumpton Riots,and that Bostik thing listed in this ad. Over all it's a really cool movie ,though. The actas that are here are in fine form...and the wild and crazy hippies can be quite dementedly entertaining (like a nude girl who decides to roll in and lick-up she wondered what she was doing when she came-to later!). Oh yes Magic Michael is some nude raving dude ….how he got on main stage makes me wonder , a bit. NOT for the young kids.....but for the old memories....or the laughs of the young generation....GO FOR IT! By the way, in my opinion I would pay twice as much for both the FULL Arthur Brown and Traffic parts of this festival....but I guess I'll just have to imagine what those were like.
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