Various Artists - Hallelujah Anyway, Remembering Tom Cora 2 x CDs

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'Tom Cora's premature death in 1997 was a tragic blow to contemporary music. One of the founding members of the downtown improvising scene, Tom was a vital member of some of the most important cutting-edge groups of the the past twenty years, including Skeleton Crew, The Ex, Curlew, John Zorn's gamepieces and Eugene Chadbourne pre-Shockabilly projects. This special 2CD set memorial, features poignant tributes by many of Tom's most distinguished collaborators, new recordings of Tom's most memorable compositions, and some of Tom's most important recordings, creating an exciting and vivid portraitof one of the most original musicians in new music. All profits from this set will go directly to Tom Cora's family.'' [Tzadik]
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