Various Artists - Jazz Loft Sessions CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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In 1977 a series of five albums appeared on Casablanca Records entitled Wildflowers 1-5. Old record lovers will certainly remember this series.
Produced by Alan Douglas and Michaul Cuscuna in cooperation with Sam Rivers, this featured some of the greats of the ‘loft jazz music scene’ of the 70s, recorded at Sam’s loft performance space, Rivbea Studios.
How did Alan Douglas get Casablanca, best known for Kiss, Angel, Donna Summer and The Village People to sign off on this? Well, there WAS a lot of cocaine floating around in the 70s...
Anyway, the only knock I ever heard (or personally ever had) about the series was that it featured only one track from all these greats, instead of their entire concerts. Well, that still stands here, but this amazing bargain of a compilation from the series has over an hour of otherwise unavailable live tracks by the following musicians and their ensembles from the mid 70s:
Hamiet Bluiett, Dave Burrell, Michael Gregory Jackson, David Murry, Kalaparusha, Byard Lancaster, Randy Weston, Ken McIntyre, Julius Hemphill and Anthony Braxton.
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