Various Artists - JazzActuel: A Collection of Avant Garde / Free Jazz / Psychedelia From The BYG / Actuel Catalogue of 1969-1971 : 3 x CD box set (price for USA only) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"This wonderful, boxed set sampler of the cream of the BYG/Actuel catalogue 1969-1971 is a must have purchase if you have any memories of the sixties when any man in a grey flannel suit MUST be a suspect complicit in some government policy intent on enslaving ordinary workers, bombing some faraway country or colluding in a corrupt Wall Street trade.

Hence, Don Cherry adorning the cover of this release in propeller beanie, welder's goggles and leather windcheater had an impeccable image as clearly NOT a suspect. Besides, he made amazing music before the term "world music" evinced a wince from "jazz" lovers.

Other musicians that appear on this release include some of the greatest musicians of the 20th century regardless of genre: Paul Bley, Steve Lacy, Dave Burrell,Anthony Braxton, Sonny Sharrock head the list. When we think of their respective instruments and their compositions and the contributions they have made to the music, how can they not be celebrated as such? There is nothing wasted on these three CDs which are all full to the brim with outstanding examples of the music of the time together with a comprehensive, 48 page booklet."
1. Red Cross - Sunny Murray
2. Blase - Archie Shepp
3. Note - Steve Lacy
4. Memories - Daevid Allen
5. Soon - Sonny Sharrock
6. Exploration - Grachan Moncur III
7. Pan-African Festival - Clifford Thornton
8. Black Suite Part 2 (Exerpt) - Jaques Coursil
9. Echo - Dave Burrell
10. The Utter-Nots - Sun Ra And His Solar Myth Arkestra
11. Brother B - Arthur Jones
12. From Out Of Bartok - Burton Greene Ensemble
13. Get In Line - Art Ensemble Of Chicago
14. Pioneering - Andrew Cyrille
15. Ramblin - Paul Bley
16. One For John China Part 2 - Frank Wright
17. Cello Discordato No 9 - Acting Trio
18. Tarik - Dewey Redman
19. Teo-Teo-Can (Exerpt) - Don Cherry
20. B-Xo NO147a (Exerpt) - Anthony Braxton
21. Premonitions - Jimmy Lyons
22. Africanasia Part 1 (Exerpt) - Claude Decloo Arthur Jones
23. The Sound Pool Part 1A - Musica Elettronica Viva
24. Blessing - Kenneth Terroade
25. Squeezing Sponges Over Policemans Heads - Gong
26. The Seasons Part 6 - Alan Silva
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