Various Artists - No New York

This claims to be licensed from Universal Music in Russia...but it is released by a US label. Legit? I dunno. It looks great, with a detailed booklet containing the lyrics in English and Cyrillic! The sound of ugly 1978-era art-punk at its finest, including the finest 10 minutes ever cut by James White/The Contortions. Masterminded by Brian Eno, lots of people heard this who would never have heard this otherwise... "One of the brightest and most famous projects of the entire punk/new wave scene, No New York was released in 1978 on Island's sub-label Antilles and became a total cult in the indie scene. Featuring some of the most incredible rule breaking bands of the underground New York art and music scene, the project -- strongly pursued by Brian Eno -- is a genuine snapshot of the massively creative NYC scene, from which innumerable trends started and became part of the modern pop music as we know it. Influential, powerful and ground breaking, this collection features four of the top icon shattering Gotham City no-wavers like James Chance (Contortions), Arto Lindsay and Ikue Mori (DNA), Lydia Lunch (Teenage Jesus) and Sumner Crane (Mars). If you missed the original it's time to get your hands on this reissue." [Lilith]
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