Various Artists - Psychedelic Schlemiels

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This gets into this listing on the title alone, although it is also a good, fun listen of material from 1966-1969 (for those without an online Yiddish dictionary, a schlemiel is a sad sack or a bungling, inept, easily victimized person).

"The British psychedelic scene has been so heavily anthologized over the years that many cult acts are now as familiar as the era's major players. But while London-based bands like Tintern Abbey and Dantalian's Chariot have belatedly received the attention that they deserve, the local group scenes that thrived up and down the country during the late sixties remain a mystery to even the keenest collector. The first volume of a new series, Psychedelic Schlemiels explores the secret garden of sweet floral Albion with no less than twenty unreleased acetates and private tapes recorded by mostly unsigned provincial groups, the majority of whom weren't even household names in their own households. With vital contributions from such local heroes as Peanut Rubble, So On & So Forth and Herbal Remedy, and featuring previously unreleased demos by major label acts The Carnaby, Sounds Around and West Coast Consortium, Psychedelic Schlemiels offers a fascinating window on a hitherto lost world of small-town suburban psychedelia."
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