Various Artists - Stompin' Western Swing: Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll, Volume 2 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This is a fabulous compilation of western swing, from 1936-1944, presented to highlight how this music blended with other American music and influenced and partially led to rock 'n' roll.
If you dig this sort of thing, this is 75' of historic and fabulous sounds!

"This will appeal to fans of jazz and swing as wel las fans of hillbilly boogie and rockabilly. The music is consistently stompin' for jitterbug, lindy hop, or jive dancers. the msuic is creative jazz and swingin' for swing and jazz fans, it is excellent western swing mixed with rural hillbilly and yodelin' blues, and plenty of slappin' basses, for all you rockabilly fans. Great cd for parties, lively and stompin'!!!"
1. Easy Ridin' Papa
Milton Brown & His Brownies
2. South Texas Swing
Adolph Hofner
3. The Eyes of Texas
Bill Boyd
4. Hot Time Mama
Hank Penny
5. Knocky Knocky
The Light Crust Doughboys
6. Bass Man Jive
Ocie Stockard / The Wanderers
7. Oozlin' Daddy Blues
Bob Wills
8. Gettin' That Lowdown Swing
Modern Mountaineers
9. Hot Mama Stomp
Universal Cowboys
10. High Geared Daddy
Milton Brown / Jimmie Davis
11. Pipeliner Blues
Modern Mountaineers
12. Shame on You
Spade Cooley
13. Sweet Talkin' Mama
Hank Penny
14. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
Roy Newman
15. Southern Belle (From Nashville, Tennessee)
Curley Williams
16. No Good for Nothin' Blues
Sunshine Boys
17. Up Jumped the Devil
The Tune Wranglers
18. Don't Let the Deal Go Down
W. Lee O'Daniel
19. Milk Cow Blues
Cliff Bruner
20. Hi-Flyer Stomp
The Hi-Flyers
21. Sundown Blues
Texas Wanderers
22.Somebody's Been Using That Thing
Milton Brown & His Brownies
23. Texas Stomp
Roy Newman
24. Bringing Home the Bacon
Cliff Bruner
25. Alabama Jubilee
Rice Brothers
26. Joe Turner Blues
Adolph Hofner
27. Fort Worth Stomp
The Crystal Springs Ramblers
28. Give Me My Money
The Blue Ridge Playboys
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