Various Artists - The Man Who Fell To Earth OST 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“In 2016, to coincide with the 40th anniversary digitally remastered release of Nocolas Roeg’s “The Man Who Fell To Earth,” Universal Music also announced, for the first time; the long awaited release of the original soundtrack to the film as well.
Anyone familiar with that great and enigmatic film, knows that a significant and integral part of the film was the music of John Phillips (The Mamas & the Papas), and Stomu Yamashta.
Some standout tracks: “Poker Dice” (Yamashta), the opening scenes in New Mexico, with ‘Newton’ (David Bowie). “Jazz II” (Phillips), “33 1/3” (Yamashta), “America” (Phillips), “Wind Words” (Yamashta), “Jazz” (Phillips), “One Way” (Yamashta), “Space Capsule” (Phillips), sounds very much like Pink Floyd, circa “Obscured by Clouds,” “Desert Shack” (Phillips), “Memory of Hiroshima” (Yamashta), “Window” (Phillips), I’ve always loved the spacey guitars and voices, from the first time I heard it, albeit, this is a different mix than what’s on the film. However, it still sounds as ethereal as ever. “Hello Mary Lou” (Phillips), “Love is Coming Back” (Phillips), vocals by Genevieve Waite, “The Man Who Fell to Earth” (Phillips), vocals by John Phillips. This is a reprise of “Window” with lyrics. This track was never used or appeared in the original release of the film in 1976, but I’m glad it’s on here, and I think that the song actually fits in quite well with the rest of the tracks.
BTW: Guitarists; Mick Taylor and B. J. Cole are featured among many other musicians, on the tracks that were recorded by John Phillips for the film itself.”-Carlos Romero

• - Disc 1 -
• 1 Poker Dice - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 2 Blueberry Hill - Louis Armstrong
• 3 Jazz II - John Phillips
• 4 Venus: The Bringer of Peace - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
• 5 Boys from the South - John Phillips
• 6 33 1/3 - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 7 Rhumba Boogie - John Phillips
• 8 Try to Remember - the Kingston Trio
• 9 Mandala - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 10 America - John Phillips
• 11 Wind Words - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 12 Jazz - John Phillips

• - Disc 2 -
• 1 One Way - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 2 Space Capsule - John Phillips
• 3 Bluegrass Breakdown - John Phillips
• 4 Desert Shack - John Phillips
• 5 Memory of Hiroshima - Stomu Yamash'ta
• 6 Window - John Phillips
• 7 Alberto - John Phillips
• 8 Mars: The Bringer of War - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
• 9 Liar, Liar - John Phillips
• 10 Hello Mary Lou - John Phillips
• 11 Silent Night - Robert Farnon
• 12 Love Is Coming Back - Genevieve Waite
• 13 The Man Who Fell to Earth - John Phillips
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