Various Artists - Un Hommage a Moondog

A tribute to Moondog and his music and spirit by: A tribute by: Norman Bambi, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Chan Mami, Dragibu, David Fenech, Groupe d'essai 3, Ilitch, Konki Duet, Stephan Lakatos, Guillaume Loizillon, Markus Muench, Xenia Narati, Les Productions de l’invisible, Pusse, Joseph Racaille, Laurent Saïet, Samon Takahashi, Hervé Zénouda. I must say that I've only heard of a couple of these artists, but they nailed the important things about Moondog (his love of simple but odd meter rhythms, sense of melody, a certainly sense of simplicity while still demanding your attention, etc). If you are a fan, I would be very suprised if you didn't find yourself grinning like made during a lot of this, as I did. It also includes snippets of a 1971-era interview of Moondog interspersed throughout the program. Very nice.
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