Vasconcelos, Nana - The Incredible NANÁ with Agustín Pereyra Lucena

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This was originally only released in Argentina in 1971 and is Nana Vasconcelos’ first release.
Sort of an odd album in that it opens with a nearly 20’ solo berimbau solo by Nana, that’s amazing, and then there is a 12’ improvised duo between him and nylon-string, bosa-nova guitarist Agustin Pereyra that’s also great and then there are two short, solo, acoustic guitar tracks at the end.
Liner notes in English and Portuguese and never seen photos!

“Often missing in Naná Vasconcelos' discographies, this is in fact the first recorded work to his name, one year before recording for Pierre Barouh's Saravah label in France the records that introduced him to a wider audience. Offering an early glimpse of his unique approach to music, 'The Incredible Naná' features the first recorded version of 'Concerto Pra Mae Bio', a composition Naná redid for his ground-breaking album 'Africadeus', which effectively appointed him as the world's most skilled master of the berimbau, the single-stringed Brazilian instrument intrinsically linked to the Capoeira tradition.”
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