Venier, Glauco - suona Frank Zappa

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The number of bands performing the music of Frank Zappa just continues to explode. I think the appeal is pretty obvious; first of all, the compositions are great, of course. Additionally, Frank and his music managed to find a relatively large audience (a huge audience, really, considering what his music demanded). I had never heard of Glauco Venier who is the arranger and pianist here, or any of the musicians in his band, but this is Frank's music performed in a jazz/jazz-rock manner and which should find favor with fans of his work. The material is mostly instrumental and mostly classic material with a couple of suprises thrown in.
Glauco Venier : Piano, Piano elettrico
Mirco Cisilino : Tromba
Klaus Gessing : Sax Soprano
Alberto Vianello : Sax Tenore
Marcello Allulli : Sax Tenore + effetti
Federica Santi : Voce
Gabriele Rampogna : Marimba e Vibrafono
Riccardo Chiaron : Chitarra
Yuri Goloubev : Double Bass
Luca Colussi : Batteria
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