Verdaguer, Willy / Humahuaca - Retrato Musicado

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“Willy Verdaguer is an Argentinian bass player that has lived in Brazil since the late 60's. He has long been associated with progressive rock and jazz/rock in Brazil, playing with well-known Brazilian players and with progressive rock bands such as Secos & Molhados in the early 70's.
This, his third solo album, features progressive instrumental music, with some guests, like the guitar player of O Terço and others. He mixes classic prog influences with some Latin touches.”

“The new formation of HumaHuaca lives up to the shape achieved decades ago. The quintet performs a consistent, enigmatic and splendid instrumental show bringing personality and traveling between rock and jazz, from folklore to classical, with musical elements in profusion in a work with identity and vigor.”
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