Vervloesem, Perre / Simple - Undeletable

New, smaller band project by the leader of the mega-big bands, X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Soceity.

"Belgian guitarist Pierre Vervloesem blasted into the music world with Peter Vermeersch’s hyper-energetic X-Legged Sally at the beginning of the 1990s. His own solo albums have ranged from XLS-style ultra-tight sax-fueled avant prog to multi-tracked keyboard and electronic "knob twiddling" to proggy hard rock and metal, highlighted by his six-string pyrotechnics and touches of Zappa-esque humor. Still playing live a lot with Flat Earth Society and still producing, mixing and mastering numerous bands, he took the time to compose and record his new quartet Simple.

As he is says himself: «The aim of Simple is simply to play music, my music. This is Simple. All my other projects are of difficult piece of work. Here, it is much more simple, I only wish to be on stage with my friends and perform my debilitating music as seriously as possible.»

This time on bass, he is joined by the frontman and sideman in numerous bands Bruno Vansina (Bruno Vansina Quintet, FES, Rebirth Collective, El Tattoo Del Tigre, Brussels Jazz Orchestra…) on sax, by Didier Fontaine, a high profiled session man on drums and by Joris Caluwaerts (Zita Swoon, Het Zesde Metaal, Franco Saint De Bakker, Milow, Lady Linn and the magnificent seven…) on keyboards.

The music of Simple is a terribly naïve version of jazz, sometimes even grotesque. It includes elements as diverse as music from French movies soundtracks or the New York no wave scene from the 80s, and from the most pitiful prog-rock to the most enlighted modern jazz."
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