Vervloesem, Pierre - 30 Years of Success CD

Pierre Vervloesem : Guitar
Bruno Vansina : Sax, Synth
Nicolas Dechêne : Bass
Renaud Van Hooland : Drums

“It’s fairly safe to assume that the Order of Leopold II medal displayed on the album cover of the Pierre Vervloesem Group’s January 2022 release 30 Years of Success is intended to make an ironic statement. After 30 years creating a massive discography of audaciously outside-the-box music, Belgian electric guitarist Vervloesem probably does deserve some sort of medal pinned to his lapel as a signifier of “success.”
So never mind a narrow little “Best Fusion Guitarist” medal for Pierre: he's too all-over-the-map, thankfully in a good, Vervloesem way and not a horrific, Leopold way. But, maybe now in particular, it might be fun to slam out some blistering jazz-rock-prog-metal-improv-whatever with a real live band — always an important thread in Vervloesem’s career anyway — and put said band through its paces in the studio and on tour. Hence 30 Years of Success: both a career-retrospective album and a potential core live set for the Pierre Vervloesem Group.
The 14 instrumental tracks revisited on 30 Years of Success reveal that the album is actually a ten-plus-year retrospective more than anything, with Vervloesem’s hard-edged quartet — featuring the guitarist joined by saxophonist Bruno Vansina, bassist Nicolas Dechêne, and drummer Renaud Van Hooland — mainly tackling tracks from 2019’s Artiste International and two “band” offerings (both of which also featured Vansina): 2014’s Undeletable by the Simple quartet and 2010’s Sketches of Pain by the Caca octet.
At the time of this writing, it’s impossible to foretell whether some doomsday variant will send music fans back into their hermetically sealed life pods to enjoy their favorite pastime via tiny speakers stuffed into their ears. Hoping for the best, though, fans of no-holds-barred medal-worthy guitar heroism are advised to scan their local arts & entertainment calendars for possible appearances by the Pierre Vervloesem Group. A live-music opportunity not to be missed!”-David Lynch
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