Vervloesem, Pierre - Artiste Belge

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“52nd album from Pierre Vervloesem (Flat Earth Society, Orchestra Exotica, X-Legged-Sally...) and his 23rd solo one in 28 years!!!
Pierre spent 2 months, 7/7 and almost 16/24 editing, mixing, playing a lot of guitars and basses, keys and noises, spices and magic for what he calls his ‘best ever played and produced‘ album.
The album is a follow up of his ‘Not Even Close’ release, only this time he plays a lot of guitars and not only synths.
The results is the album ‘Artiste Belge’ which is a versatile mix of Vervloesem-esque guitars, basses, funky keyboards, heavy programmed drums and crazy percussions, experimental avant pop and even re-recordings of his first ever solo track Phillip!
It summarizes in 13 tracks all his loves and influences in music and is a kind of resume of his career up to now, only better. He is always looking for perfection and this is probably the closest it's coming to.
Take your time to listen as there are so many little variations in each songs that you’ll need at least ten hearings before enjoying those 13 amazing compositions and the monstrous work in mixing the album!“
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