Vialka - A l'Abri des Regards Indiscrets (special oversize art package)

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You all know Vialka, right? Vialka are a French duo of Eric Boros (baritone guitar and voice) and Marylise Frechevile (drums and voice) are an exuberant duo who fill a lot of musical space with just baritone guitar & voice and drums and voice. If I had to compare it something, it reminds me a bit of a highly talented punk-rock duo playing the songbook of the earliest works by Etron Fou.
This groovy 'objet' is "a posh 54 page libretto with hand-bound and embossed cardboard and fabric cover" and we only have a small handful of them and it's filled with interesting art and photos.
Voice duel, music composition & interpretation by Vialka:
Eric Boros: guitar & electronics
Marylise Frecheville: percussion
Libretto by Marylise Frecheville, except for song six “Counting Song” by Ivor Cutler, and song twelve by Eric Boros
Stage direction eleven taken from the Treaty of Pathology, Volume II, Fernel Mérat, 1848, read by Marc Chalosse
Mise en scène by Julie Binot
Light design by Sébastien Bordel
Live sound by Yoann Sanson
Studio recording by Bob Drake
  • LabelAssociation Vialka
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