Viddal, Mathilde Grooss - Come Closer

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Fantastically good Norwegian jazz/new music big band led by composer and bass clarinetist/saxophonist Mathilde Groos Viddal. This is their 2nd album. Found some quotes for this one, so you can read someone else gushing instead of me.

"Mathilde Grooss Viddal creates free spirited contemporary music full of improvisation and freewheeling elements where all of the band-members are featured equally. The result is extremely powerful music that takes its cue from open-mindedness and the sheer joy of playing!" - Kjell Moe, Nordlys, 11.11.09

”[Here] the artistry is let loose, there’s no consideration made to please the faint-hearted or wishes to be played by Vidar Lønn-Arnesen (Norwegian easy-listening radio host). This is raw, wild and ill-mannered, jazz with no restrictions or rules, the way the nature of free-jazz was meant to be." - Per Ivar Henriksbø, Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen 15.10.09
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