Vintena Brasileira - Labirinto

Very good album strongly in the Hermeto Pascoal style, which isn't surprising, considering that the leader, Andre Marques, is the keyboardist with Hermeto's group! And here, on the group's second album, Hermeto himself makes a special guest appearance! The group contributes their own take on the intricate/busy sound of Hermeto's unique and zippy take on jazz, but ultimately, if you are a big Hermeto fan and are looking for something else to scratch that itch, it's right here! Highly recommended.

"André Marques is keyboard player of Hermeto Pascoal Group and in 2003 he founded the Vintena Brasileira, an orchestra for instrumental music, to use the musicians of Conservatório Musical de Tatuí, where he teaches. Today with 20 musicians, the orchestra played already in several festivals and have had a bunch of big names as guests. Labirinto is their second CD and presents Brazilian instrumental music of high quality in terms of composition, arrangements and skilled musicianship. The orchestra plays music very influenced by the concept of Musica Universal, coined by Hermeto himself, music without frontiers. You will hear a mixing between jazz, Brazilian rhythms, improvisation, very structured, complex composed passages. A must for anyone interested in good music made for large ensemble, with lots of energy and creativity."

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