Vogt, Michael - Tuba Intim (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Contemporary music for tuba and a revelation of an under-utilised musical voice. For stretched and traditional techniques. Excellent collection and unusual.
Includes works by Lutz Glandien (Tuba and Tape), Morton Feldman, Igor Stravinsky and Michael himself.
A sound drama for tuba and electronics that constructs its own rich, twilit, rather alien, world. Only the sound of the tuba (sometimes), a few waves and a little thunder sound familiar, everything else is a mysterious presence; the electronics are not at all conventional and though much of the sound is clearly derived somehow from the tuba, it offers no foothold in a familiar place. If landscape were ever an appropriate metaphor for the product of a congeries of sounds, it would be applicable here. Strange, low, melodic lines emerge and submerge; winds from uncharted places bring threat and promise, perfume and debris. A genuinely unusual record that follows its own path all the way off the map. In five episodes, scored variously for single and double tubas, acoustic and electronic tubas, electronics, all manner of processing, and tape."-Chris Cutler
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