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Voice Of The People - Vol. 11: My Father’s The King Of The Gypsies – Music of English & Welsh Travellers & Gypsies (due to weight, this price for the USA only) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is an anthology of folk songs produced by Topic Records containing recordings of traditional singers and musicians from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
The traditional singers and musicians were celebrities within their own community but the majority were unknown to the world at large until the 1950s and 60s when collectors arrived with portable tape recorders. A few of them recorded enough material for an entire album, [but] most are only known for a couple of songs.
In a few cases the singers used song books or ballad sheets to supplement their repertoire, but in most cases their versions are from oral tradition. This collection is the UK equivalent of Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music.”-Wikipedia

1 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Yellow Handkerchief
2 HARRY BRAZIL voice: Sally Morrow
3 LEMMIE BRAZIL melodeon: God Killed The Devil
4 WIGGY SMITH voice: There Was A Rich Farmer At Sheffield
5 JASPER SMITH voice: Father Had A Knife
6 PHOEBE SMITH voice: Sweet William
7 LEVI SMITH voice: The Haymakers
8 LEVI SMITH voice: One Penny
9 AMY BIRCH voice: Over Yonder’s Hill
10 JASPER SMITH voice: The Moon Shine Bright
11 MINTY SMITH voice The Basket Of Eggs
12 BILL ELLSON voice & rnouth-organ: Will You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? Love Is Pleasing
13 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: Little Dun Dee
14 HARRY LEE fiddle: The Breakdown. The Flowers Of Edinburgh
15 CHRIS WILLETT voice: The American Stranger
16 WIGGY SMITH voice: The High-Low WeII
17 JASPER & LEVI SMITH rmouth-organ, voice & drum: Cock O’The North / Garryowen / Flowers Of Edinburgh / Step lt Away / The Girl I Left Behind Me / Step lt Away
18 JASPER SMITH voice: Down In The Meadow
19 PHOEBE SMITH voice: The Tan Yard Side
20 PETER INGRAM voice: Mandi Went To Poove The Gri / Untitled Stepdance Tune / Can You Rokker Romany?
21 HARRY BRAZIL voice: A Blacksmith Courted Me
22 JASPER SMITH voice: The Small Birds Whistle
23 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: The Female Drummer
24 CHRIS WILLETT voice: Once I Was A Servant
25 MARY ANN HAYNES voice: The Colour Of Amber
26 JASPER SMITH voice: The Squire And The Gypsy
27 TOM ORCHARD voice, with TOMMY ORCHARD stepdancing: Two Untitled Stepdance Tunes
TOM ORCHARD melodeon: Untitled Stepdance Tune
28 LEVI SMITH voice: The Game Of Cards
29 AMY BIRCH voice: Royal Comrade
30 LEVI SMITH voice: Georgie
31 MANY ANN HAYNES voice: The Young Officer
32 MAY BRADLEY voice: Under The Leaves
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