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Voice Of The People - Vol. 14: Troubles They Are But Few – Dance Tunes and Ditties (due to weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“This is an anthology of folk songs produced by Topic Records containing recordings of traditional singers and musicians from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
The traditional singers and musicians were celebrities within their own community but the majority were unknown to the world at large until the 1950s and 60s when collectors arrived with portable tape recorders. A few of them recorded enough material for an entire album, [but] most are only known for a couple of songs.
In a few cases the singers used song books or ballad sheets to supplement their repertoire, but in most cases their versions are from oral tradition. This collection is the UK equivalent of Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music.”-Wikipedia

1 EDDIE CORCORAN & SEAMUS TANSEY tin-whistle & tambourine: Bonny Kate / Jenny’s Chickens
2 MIKEEN McGARTHY voice: The Herring
3 JACK ELLIOTT voice with chorus: Old Johnny Booger
4 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY ocarina & piano-accordion: Mackenzie Highlanders / The Inverness Gathering
5 MARGARET BARRY & MICHAEL GORMAN voice, banjo & fiddle: The Leprechaun
6 JUMBO BRIGHTWELL voice: The Derby Miller
7 WILL ATKINSON mouth-organ: Tell Her I Am / Teviot Brig
8 WALTER PARDON voice: The Hungry Army
9 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Hieland Rory
10 PERCY BROWN melodeon: Old Joe, The Boat Is Going Over / Untitled Polka FONT WHATLING & WATTIE WRIGHT melodeon & stepping: The Pigeon On The Gate
11 AUSTIN FLANAGAN voice: The Barley Grain
12 NED PEARSON fiddle: The Heel And Toe Polka The Morpeth Rant
13 CHARLIE POTTER voice: Sing Ivy
14 HARRY UPTON voice: I Am A Donkey Driver
15 MICHAEL GROGAN accordeon: The Oueen Of The Fair / The Lark In The Morning
16 WILLIE KEMP & CURLY MacKAY voice & piano-accordion: The Ball O’Kerriemear
17 ALBERT SMITH, JASPER SMITH, MINTY SMITH, RAY DRISCOLL & JOE JONES Jew’s harp & voices: Jingles, Recitations & Dance Tunes
18 WILLY TAYLOR, JOE HUTTON & Will ATKINSON fiddle, small pipes & mouth-organ: Off To California / The Greencastle
19 MARTIN GORMAN voice: It’s Nowt To Do With Me
20 PHIL TANNER voice: The Four-Hand Reel
21 JIMMY McBEATH voice: Johnny Mclndoe
22 BOB BRADER voice: Old John Wallis
23 JULIA CLIFFORD fiddle: Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl
24 GEORGE SPICER voice: I Wish There Was No Prisons
25 DONALD DAVIDSON mouth-organ: The Inverness Gathering / Dornoch Links
26 JOHNNY DOUGHTY voice: I’m Going To Be Mother Today
27 UNIDENTIFIED & MARGARET BARRY voice & banjo: A Parody
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