Void's Last Stand - A Sun by Rising Set

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"Besides the releases of recordings of the golden age of progressive-, Kraut- and psychedelic rock from the end of '60s to the end of the '70s, Long Hair also decides to release recordings of young bands creating corresponding sounds of today. First release comes from Aachen's young and extraordinary The Void's Last Stand. A Sun By Rising Set is their ambitious debut album. The four members, all in their mid-twenties, are Jonas Wingens (vocals, guitar), Geoffrey Blaeske (guitar), Raschid Touzani (bass) and Ray Dratwa (drums). The album was recorded during the summer of 2009. The four young musicians' complex and demanding work consists of only two compositions while coming up with more than 45 minutes of material. The listener will get confronted with quite a depth of ideas, with dynamics ranging from clear and catchy parts as well as others appearing almost intangible. Once engaged with lunatic and floating changes in harmony, rhythm and time signature you'll find yourself recompensed with an exciting journey to a wondrous place where forgotten myths and alchemical chants mix up with surreal worlds between dream and nightmare which are barely escapable -- a subconsciously existent land where the sun rises with its own set and where time has seemingly halted. TVLS sees themselves in the tradition of classic progressive bands like Van Der Graaf Generator, Nektar, Yes, ELP. Rush, Gentle Giant, Magma as well as more contemporary prog bands like The Mars Volta, Sieges Even, Spastic Ink, Birds and Buildings, Hella, Ungdomskulen, High Wheel, Frost, The Tangent etc, yet they are most of all seeking to create something fresh, original and truly progressive. These two long tracks are really outstanding. This is music you've hardly heard before. The musicians play perfect and the production is brilliant. Booklet contains lyrics worth reading. Long Hair is very proud to present this young band and their great first album. Missing this album is outrageous."
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Very unusual music on here. Very talented musicians, but a voice that you have to get used to. It takes a few listens to comprehend what is going on, but there's definitely a lot going on that record and a lot to be discovered. The mix is a bit poor but i reckon this album had to be recorded on a small budget. The music makes up for it however. Really worth listening to e.g. Zappa-fans.
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