Volapuk - Polyglot

This title has been missing from our catalog for ages but while dealing with the collapse of our former pressing plant, we found a number of these that they didn't tell us that they had. VERY last copies.

Volapuk is drummer/composer Guigou Chenevier's (Etron Fou) current band also featuring bass clarinetist/etc. Michel Mandel & cellist Guillaume Saurel. The group started out as a trio but starting with this album, they added new member Takumi Fukushima, ex-After Dinner, on violin, & her contributions fill out & extend their already marvelous music. The band has an immediately identifiable sound, making full usage of the unusual sonorities of their instruments and the tremendous skill of the players (all are monster players), along with short, catchy, 'rehearsal intensive, rhythmically complex compositions and performances' & very focused improvisations that will please any fan of adventurous/RIO style rock. Guigou is one of the great drummers in rock & is also a superb composer; many of the great Etron works bear his imprint. Great melodies & catchy, intricate rhythms abound! This includes the piece that Lars Hollmer wrote for them, Voilapuk. They are a band that gets better and better and since this is their next to most recent studio album, it's a damn fine one! The best news is that after a long period of inactivity, they're back and working again.

"...the brilliant trio...have fired up some intricate and angry songs that smolder and glow. They call to mind the best of the work that Tom Cora did with The Ex. It's one of the very best new records I've heard this year. It's honest and skilled and against all grains in the woodwork."-Exclaim

"The range of sounds they achieve is positively amazing, yet the one thing that shines the brightest here...is the strength of the compositions."-Expose

You can watch a live version of one of the songs off the album here

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