Volapuk - Slang!

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Forget the fact that you can't pronounce the name of the band & listen up! Volapuk is drummer/composer Guigou Chenevier's (Etron Fou) new trio also featuring bass clarinetist/etc. Michel Mandel & cellist Guillaume Saurel. The band has an immediately identifiable sound, making full usage of the unusual sonorities of their instruments, along with short, rhythmically complex compositions & improvisations that will please any fan of adventurous/RIO style rock. Guigou is one of the great drummers in rock & is also a superb composer; many of the great Etron works bear his imprint. Great melodies & catchy, intricate rhythms abound! A must own! This was their second album and their last studio album as a trio.
  • LabelCuneiform
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