Vu, Cuong Quartet featuring Bill Frisell - Ballet: The Music Of Michael Gibbs

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As Cuneiform fans already know, composer and arranger Michael Gibbs and guitar-star Bill Frisell's musical relationship goes back 4 decades.
This fine release by the monster trumpeter Cuong Vu, along with his regular unit of bassist Luke Bergman and drummer Ted Poor, features Frisell really killing it in playing department at times.
It's also special because showcases Michael as a composer, not as a big band arranger, which (a) gives a chance to showcase a side of Michael that is sometimes forgotten and shouldn't be forgotten, as he's a fantastic, distinctive composer and (b) gives all the players a lot of room to stretch out.
Hugely recommended to anyone remotely interested in Brit-jazz, modern composition in jazz and/or Bill Frisell letting his hair down in a way that I always wish he would and he almost never does!!
  • LabelRare Noise
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