Wallenstein - Stories, Songs and Symphonies

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The same five piece who appeared on Cosmic Century appear here. By their fourth album, they are refering to themselves on the cover as "The Symphonic Rock Orchestra".

"Here Wallenstein went for a more song-oriented approach with a rather sparse chamber rock arrangement dominated by violin and piano. The music is very melodic and uplifting, and not very complicated: whenever a lead is played, the rest of the band tends to hang back and provide a base for the soloist. They don't really cut loose as a unit until the opening dance movement of the final track, "Sympathy For Bela Bartok". As with the songs in general, the leads are nicely melodic whether they be violin, piano, or a very appealing twangy guitar. Four of the five tracks feature vocals, again with good melodies that strike a very positive chord..."-Gnosis/Mac Beaulieu

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