Wallumrod, Christian - The Zoo is Far

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Christian Wallumrød-piano, harmonium, toy piano, Arve Henriksen-trumpet, Gjermund Larsen-violin, hardanger fiddle, viola, Tanja Orning-cello, Giovanna Pessi-baroque harp, Per Oddvar Johansen-drums, percussion.

"Extraordinarily concentrated music from the new, expanded ensemble led by Norwegian pianist composer Christian Wallumrød, which introduces three new string players - violinist Gjermund Larsen from the Norwegian folk tradition, classical and improvising cellist Tanja Orning, and Swiss baroque harpist Giovanna Pessi. Together, and along with the long-serving Arve Henriksen and Per Oddvar Johansen, they focus their resources on Wallumrød’s music. Not a note is wasted in these pieces. This is true ensemble music, uniquely nuanced."

"Composer/pianist Christian Wallurod keeps such a low profile, particular in the United States, that it was only by chance that I discovered the recent release of his new record. Nonetheless, "The Zoo Is Far" is, not surprisingly, superb. Devotees of Wallumrod's work will find this project seems to expand on the musical concepts and techniques first broached in "A Year From Easter" in 2005. The line up of the ensemble has changed and expanded and although it is a generally quiet record, the addition of Giovanna Pessi's harp in particular helps broaden the space of several pieces. Yet, it is the masterfully subtle trumpet playing of Arve Henriksen that once again forms the core of the ensemble's music. The nostalgic, quiet, yet heavy breathed technique employed by Henriksen draws the listener close in a way few players today do. "The Zoo Is Far" is something great to explore. The German record label ECM continues to offer fans of experimental composition and modern jazz nothing less than the contemporary canon of each genre."-Skip Roads
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