Walss, Priska / Garbiela Friedli - Intervista

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Priska Walss: Trombone, Alphorn / Gabriela Friedli: Piano

"In the current jazz scene in Zurich, Switzerland, Priska Walss and Gabriela Friedli have made a name for themselves through numerous projects. For Intakt Records, Priska Walss has already recorded a CD, with the pianist Urs Voerkel, and Gabriela Friedli plays piano in the orchestra Omri Ziegele - Billiger Bauer, which has also released a CD on Intakt Records. Now both musicians present their first duo CD, Duo Frappant, after having worked together for ten years. Bert Noglik writes in his liner notes to this recording: «both musicians unfold a joy of playing, a sensuality of playing that is transferred with refreshing immediacy to the listeners. The traditions of the Ôtalking hornsÕ but also those of the ÔcallingÕ Alp horns reach an understanding. Also those of a European piano language and those of the working at the roots reminding one of Cecil Taylor. The sonorous humming of the whales and the fluttering of the butterflies. All of these are just suggestions, the duo sounds its own way, fascinating and striking."
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