Walter, Weasel - Apocalyptik Paranoia

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"oh, yeah. this is the one we've all been waiting for. brand new studio material featuing a bizarre cast of characters in a series of unpredicably macabre improvisations. there's a futuristic chill to this disc. are you ready to look it in the ear!???
A brand new helping of studio material by the Weez featuring various formations of an all-star cast of malcontents including Henry Kaiser, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Peter Evans, Greg Kelley and Forbes Graham. There's an icy, ominous chill to this set of forceful and focused improvisations - this just might be the "Battles of the North" of free music with its hard, frostbitten arctic sheen. The eight tracks here range from painterly, agitated all-acoustic improvisation to explosive, electronics-wracked all-out noise onslaughts. A truly dynamic offering of balls-out abstraction with the intensity and quality you expect from Weasel and co. There are definitely some surprises here resulting from the largely unprecedented mixture of unique musical personalities."
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