Walter, Weasel - Curses (Mega Blowout Sale)

If you didn’t know anything about this album, you would probably associate it with one of the series of albums released on/associated with the composers featured on INA/GRM or a musique concrete tape composer of the late 50s....

“I think there are a lot of people who associate my musical output with either gutbusting displays of extroversion or blistering virtuosic overload. With “Curses”, I wanted to deal more with pure sound and timbre more than I usually do. Of course, I cannot help but to go nuts with the structural aspects of anything I make, but this record isn’t at all about “playing the drums” or any kind of actual instrumental performance, per se. It is about trying to find ways to create longer lines with limited materials and processes. I am trying to achieve a sort of microcosmic drama with continual horizontal motion, space and the play of these spontaneously created series of little “objects” which resulted from my layering and editing. I think of “Curses” as 99 individual sonic mobiles which can really be heard either as individual events or in any order. There’s not a lot of obvious interaction in this music - “Curses” is certainly about chance operations and the surprisingly coherent results which occur as I basically battle myself and my own notions about composition.”-Weasel Walter
  • Labelug-EXPLODE
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